pg-setup — set up a new Postgres Pro database cluster


pg-setup initdb


pg-setup is a shell script provided in the Postgres Pro distribution to automate database cluster setup on Linux systems. This script is provided as part of the server package. pg-setup must be run as root, but performs database administration operations as user postgres. You can only run this script with the initdb option, without passing any additional arguments.


pg-setup accepts the following command-line options:


Initialize the database cluster on behalf of the postgres user.

pg-setup creates the database cluster with checksums enabled, auth-local parameter set to peer, and auth-host parameter set to md5. Localization settings are inherited from the LANG environment variable for the current session. All the LC_* environment variables are ignored.


You cannot provide any initdb options to customize the installation. If this is not what you expect, do not use pg-setup for cluster initialization and run initdb directly instead.


For details on binary installation specifics on Linux, see Section 16.1.