SPI_prepare_params — prepare a statement, without executing it yet


SPIPlanPtr SPI_prepare_params(const char * command,
                              ParserSetupHook parserSetup,
                              void * parserSetupArg,
                              int cursorOptions)


SPI_prepare_params creates and returns a prepared statement for the specified command, but doesn't execute the command. This function is equivalent to SPI_prepare_cursor, with the addition that the caller can specify parser hook functions to control the parsing of external parameter references.

This function is now deprecated in favor of SPI_prepare_extended.


const char * command

command string

ParserSetupHook parserSetup

Parser hook setup function

void * parserSetupArg

pass-through argument for parserSetup

int cursorOptions

integer bit mask of cursor options; zero produces default behavior

Return Value

SPI_prepare_params has the same return conventions as SPI_prepare.