E.4. Postgres Pro Enterprise 12.4.2

Release date: 2020-10-07

E.4.1. Overview

This release is based on PostgreSQL 12.4 and Postgres Pro Enterprise 12.4.1. All changes inherited from PostgreSQL 12.4 are listed in PostgreSQL 12.4 Release Notes. As compared with Postgres Pro Enterprise 12.4.1, this version also provides the following changes:

  • Fixed a bug due to which large data values may not fit a column that uses PLAIN storage mode.

  • Added the log2_num_lock_partitions parameter which allows to change a number of lock partitions. Previously the shared lock tables were always divided into 16 partitions; now this number can be increased up to 256 to prevent performance loss in some special cases.

E.4.2. Migration to Version 12.4.2

If you are upgrading from a Postgres Pro Enterprise release based on the same PostgreSQL major version, it is enough to install the new version into your current installation directory.

To migrate from PostgreSQL, as well as Postgres Pro Standard or Postgres Pro Enterprise based on a previous PostgreSQL major version, see the migration instructions for version 12.