E.5. Postgres Pro Enterprise 12.4.1

Release date: 2020-08-31

E.5.1. Overview

This release is based on PostgreSQL 12.4 and Postgres Pro Enterprise 12.3.1. All changes inherited from PostgreSQL 12.4 are listed in PostgreSQL 12.4 Release Notes. As compared with Postgres Pro Enterprise 12.3.1, this version also provides the following changes:

  • Implemented high-level abstraction for optimized CAS loops which primary use is for lock handling. At present, it is leveraged on PowerPC platform and provides noticeable speedup on a lock-intensive load.

  • Fixed a bug in planner's optimization that caused incorrect estimation of the number of rows when enable_compound_index_stats was on.

  • Disabling password reuse now correctly works with SCRAM authentication. Previously SCRAM-encrypted password was reused even when it was not supposed to.

  • Fixed bug in pgpro_scheduler that prevented stopping of the running jobs on schedule.stop().

  • Fixed the GUC parameter group naming. A Compressed File System parameter group name has been omitted previously which caused other group names to be shifted.

  • Improved the rum extension:

    • Improved full text search for tsvector values with the lexeme weights specified. When executing queries with the weight-based constraints, the index search results do not need to be rechecked in table, so these queries perform much faster.

    • Fixed the error which causes result loss when the negation operator is used in such queries.

  • Removing multimaster temporary schemas (mtm_tmp_X_Y) that can be left over after a node crash. This ensures that such orphaned schemas are not accumulated on crashes.

  • Removed CFS map recovery procedure executed at server start. It could create race condition and did not provide any benefit.

  • Introduced new multimaster extension version to enable functionality implemented in Postgres Pro Enterprise version 11.8.1. Previously this functionality was not enabled on Postgres Pro Enterprise upgrade.

  • Upgraded pg_probackup to latest version 2.4.2:

    • New options and flags can now be used to add flexibility to delete, backup, restore, archive-push and set-backup commands.

    • Incremental restore and support for multi-timeline incremental chains have been added.

    • Postgres Pro parameters slot_name and primary_conninfo can be used during restore.

    • archive-push and archive-get commands considerably reworked.

    • Improvements have been achieved in speed and memory consumption.

    See pg_probackup documentation for details.

  • Added the optional tune argument to the pg-setup initdb command. This argument allows you to choose one of the predefined customized configurations for your database cluster.

  • Ended support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.

  • Fixed race conditions in BRIN index that caused errors:

    • "failed to find parent tuple for heap-only tuple ...".

      The error could occur when the brin_summarize_new_values() function and HOT updates were executed simultaneously in concurrent transactions.

    • "corrupted BRIN index: inconsistent range map".

      The error could occur when BRIN index's desummarization and a bitmap scan were executed simultaneously in concurrent transactions.

  • Upgraded mamonsu for Linux systems to version 2.5.1. Now it is based on Python 3. Version 2.3.4 is still provided for Windows systems.

E.5.2. Migration to Version 12.4.1

If you are upgrading from a Postgres Pro Enterprise release based on the same PostgreSQL major version, it is enough to install the new version into your current installation directory.

To migrate from PostgreSQL, as well as Postgres Pro Standard or Postgres Pro Enterprise based on a previous PostgreSQL major version, see the migration instructions for version 12.