36.50. table_constraints

The view table_constraints contains all constraints belonging to tables that the current user owns or has some privilege other than SELECT on.

Table 36.48. table_constraints Columns

NameData TypeDescription
constraint_catalogsql_identifierName of the database that contains the constraint (always the current database)
constraint_schemasql_identifierName of the schema that contains the constraint
constraint_namesql_identifierName of the constraint
table_catalogsql_identifierName of the database that contains the table (always the current database)
table_schemasql_identifierName of the schema that contains the table
table_namesql_identifierName of the table
constraint_typecharacter_data Type of the constraint: CHECK, FOREIGN KEY, PRIMARY KEY, or UNIQUE
is_deferrableyes_or_noYES if the constraint is deferrable, NO if not
initially_deferredyes_or_noYES if the constraint is deferrable and initially deferred, NO if not