48.34. pg_operator

The catalog pg_operator stores information about operators. See CREATE OPERATOR and Section 34.12 for more information.

Table 48.34. pg_operator Columns

oidoid Row identifier (hidden attribute; must be explicitly selected)
oprnamename Name of the operator
oprnamespaceoidpg_namespace.oid The OID of the namespace that contains this operator
oprowneroidpg_authid.oidOwner of the operator
oprkindchar b = infix (both), l = prefix (left), r = postfix (right)
oprcanmergebool This operator supports merge joins
oprcanhashbool This operator supports hash joins
oprleftoidpg_type.oidType of the left operand
oprrightoidpg_type.oidType of the right operand
oprresultoidpg_type.oidType of the result
oprcomoidpg_operator.oidCommutator of this operator, if any
oprnegateoidpg_operator.oidNegator of this operator, if any
oprcoderegprocpg_proc.oidFunction that implements this operator
oprrestregprocpg_proc.oidRestriction selectivity estimation function for this operator
oprjoinregprocpg_proc.oidJoin selectivity estimation function for this operator

Unused columns contain zeroes. For example, oprleft is zero for a prefix operator.