E.21. Postgres Pro

Release date: 2016-05-12

E.21.1. Overview

This release is based on PostgreSQL 9.5.3

Major enhancement in the Postgres Pro over Postgres Pro include:

  • Russian translation of documentation is included

  • Postgres Pro own system of catalog upgrade is included.

  • Covering indexes ported from 9.6 and upgrade scripts are added. Fixed pg_dump of covering indexes.

  • Phrase search is now compatible with upcoming 9.6 release

  • Added pg_variables contrib module, which provides session-wide variables, similar with Oracle package variables

  • Lock-free Pin/UnpinBuffer backported from 9.6

E.21.2. Upgrading from previous releases

When upgrading from previous releases of Postgres Pro or from vanilla PostgreSQL 9.5.x, some catalog changes should be applied.

If you use binary packages, and your database is in the default location, this upgrade should be performed automatically. If you've compiled Postgres Pro from source or create your database in non-default location, running initdb manually, you should run pgpro_upgrade script provided in this distribution.

Before running script, you should stop postgres service. Script should be run as user, owning the database (typically postgres) and PGDATA environment variable should be set to the directory where database resides.