E.3. Postgres Pro

Release date: 2019-08-12

E.3.1. Overview

This release is based on PostgreSQL 9.5.19 and Postgres Pro Standard All improvements inherited from PostgreSQL 9.5.19 are listed in PostgreSQL 9.5.19 Release Notes.

Major enhancements over Postgres Pro Standard include:

  • Improved planning accuracy for queries with OR clauses. Now sorting is performed correctly for such queries.

  • Fixed implementation of greater than (>) and not equal to (<>) operators for the jsquery type.

E.3.2. Migration to Version

Depending on your current installation, the upgrade procedure will differ.

If you are running Postgres Pro Standard version or higher, it is enough to install the version into the same directory. However, if you are upgrading from PostgreSQL 9.5.x or lower versions of Postgres Pro Standard, some catalog changes should be applied, so pgpro_upgrade script is required to complete the upgrade:

  • If your database is in the default location, pgpro_upgrade is run automatically, unless you are prompted to run it manually.

  • If you created your database in a non-default location, you must run pgpro_upgrade script manually.


Before launching pgpro_upgrade manually, you must stop the postgres service. The script must be run on behalf of the user owning the database (typically postgres). Running pgpro_upgrade as root will result in an error. For details, see pgpro_upgrade.

To migrate to this version from vanilla PostgreSQL 9.5.4 or lower, perform a dump/restore using pg_dumpall.