E.23. Postgres Pro

Release date: 2016-03-02

E.23.1. Overview

Major enhancements in Postgres Pro over Postgres Pro include:

  • Include jsquery module (query language for jsonb fields).

  • Improvement of substring similarity search (pg_trgm module).

  • Support of loading of the ispell dictionaries into shared memory.

E.23.2. Changes

Below you will find a detailed account of the changes between Postgres Pro and the previous minor release.

E.23.2.1. Additional Modules

  • jsquery module - query operators for jsonb structures. Support GIN indexes. Authors Teodor Sigaev, Alexander Korotkov, Oleg Bartunov.

  • Improvements of pg_trgm module. Substring similarity search improved (Artur Zakirov)

  • shared_ispell module Support for loading fulltext-search dictionaries into shared memory. Improves speed, because there is now no need to load hunspell dictionary into each session again and again. (Artur Zakirov)