E.1. Postgres Pro Standard 16.3.1 #

Release Date: 2024-05-23

E.1.1. Overview #

This release is based on PostgreSQL 16.3 and Postgres Pro Standard 16.2.2. All improvements inherited from PostgreSQL 16.3 are listed in PostgreSQL 16.3 Release Notes. Other major changes and enhancements are as follows:

  • Disabled the system startup timeout by setting the TimeoutSec parameter to 0 in systemd. Previously, big databases could fail to start within the specified timeout.

  • Reduced logging level during a specified restore point creation at a checkpoint timeout for inactive bases only. It allows removing excessive log messages.

  • Fixed a bug resulting in error cache lookup failed for collation 128. Now, for the additional INCLUDE index columns, collation is ignored.

  • Fixed an issue of not streaming certain data to a subscriber by a logical replication after executing the ALTER PUBLICATION pub ADD TABLE tab command. The root cause of the issue was an insufficient interlocking between ALTER PUBLICATION and taking a snapshot.

  • Fixed two planner issues. An expression duplication issue previously caused underestimation of node selectivity and cost in some cases, which could lead to a choice of a suboptimal plan. Another issue — the selectivity overestimation for an AppendOr node was caused by its subnode selectivity overestimation and led to the plan cost overestimation.

  • Added support for Astra Linux 1.8 and ended support for Astra Linux Orel 2.12 and Astra Linux Smolensk 1.6.

  • Added support for Ubuntu 24.04.

  • Added support for Red OS Murom 8.

  • Upgraded aqo to version 2.1, which added the aqo.wal_rw configuration parameter to enable physical replication and allow complete aqo data recovery after failure.

  • Added the dbcopies_decoding 1C module for updating database copies. It is implemented as a logical replication plug-in and provided in postgrespro-std-16-contrib.

  • Upgraded mamonsu to version 3.5.8, which provides optimizations and bugfixes. Notable changes are as follows:

    • Added support for the Zabbix 6.4 API: handling of deprecated parameters for authentication requests.

    • Removed caching of the pgsql.connections[max_connections] metric.

    • Updated the default log rotation rules.

    • Prepared for support of Python 3.12.

    • Changed metric names of the pg_locks plugin. Be aware that the changes could break custom user-defined triggers and processing functions that use the item.name parameter.

    • Fixed type mismatch for pgpro_stats and pg_wait_sampling.

    • Fixed privileges for the mamonsu role created by bootstrap.

  • Upgraded orafce to version 4.10.0.

  • Upgraded pg_probackup to version 2.8.0, which provides new features, optimizations and bug fixes. Notable changes are as follows:

    • Added a possibility to limit the rate of disk writes using the option --write-rate-limit=bitrate (Mbps, Gbps).

    • Decreased the memory consumption when restoring long sequences of increments twice on average.

    • Added a possibility to validate only a WAL archive.

    • Extended the use of the --dry-run option for all pg_probackup commands.

    • Made creation of a temporary slot during backups in the STREAM mode the default behavior unless it is specified otherwise.

    • Changed the default compression algorithm to zstd. If zstd is not supported by the system, lz4 has the next priority. The --compress option now sets the default values for --compress-level and --compress-algorithm.

  • Added the pgv_exists_elem function to pg_variables that checks whether an element with a key exists in a general collection.

  • Added the pgvector extension that provides vector similarity search for Postgres Pro.

  • Upgraded pgpro_stats to version 1.7.1, which provides optimizations and bug fixes. Notable changes are as follows:

    • Added saving non-normalized plans to pgpro_stats for queries where previously no plans were saved.

    • Fixed an issue that hindered the monitoring when the pgpro_stats_statements view contained quite a few rows with the same values of plan and queryid, but different values of planid. The issue was caused by an error in parsing the plan tree containing a T_Memoise node.

  • Upgraded pgpro_pwr to version 4.5.

  • Fixed an error ERROR: query failed: ERROR: tablespace "XXXX" does not exist that could occur when the pg_repack command was trying to reorganize tables in a tablespace whose name started with a digit. The root cause of the issue was that pg_repack expected extra quotes.

E.1.2. Migration to Version 16.3.1 #

If you are upgrading from Postgres Pro Standard based on the same PostgreSQL major version, it is enough to install the new version into your current installation directory.

To migrate from PostgreSQL or a Postgres Pro Standard release based on a previous PostgreSQL major version, see the instructions in Postgres Pro Standard 16.0.1 Release Notes.