E.1. Postgres Pro Standard 14.5.1

Release Date: 2022-08-31

E.1.1. Overview

This release is based on PostgreSQL 14.5 and Postgres Pro Standard 14.4.1. All improvements inherited from PostgreSQL 14.5 are listed in PostgreSQL 14.5 Release Notes. Other major changes and enhancements are as follows:

  • Added support of lz4 compression method for table columns.

  • Resolved an issue that caused an error duplicate key value violates unique constraint when indexing a database in multiple threads. Now the chosen name of a type being created for the index gets locked to avoid choosing the same name in a parallel process.

  • Resolved an issue in the planner's use of the compound indexes statistics: the optimizer reduced the cost prediction accuracy for a query plan if in the WHERE clause of the query, values of different types were compared (for example: integer and numeric, text and name). Sometimes, for certain combinations of the compared types and values, the issue could cause a server crash.

  • Ended support for Ubuntu 21.10 and added support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 and its derivatives: Rocky Linux 9, Oracle Linux 9, and AlmaLinux 9.

  • Added the shared library PLV8 that provides a Postgres Pro procedural language powered by V8 Javascript Engine to Postgres Pro Standard.

  • Added the aqo extension for adaptive query optimization to Postgres Pro Standard.

  • Upgraded mamonsu to version 3.5.1. Notable changes are as follows:

    • Enabled mamonsu plugins to use pgpro_stats to collect statistics.

    • Resolved the security issue of exposing passwords through the configuration file. Only mamonsu user can access agent.conf now.

    • Fixed metrics computation that caused float division by zero errors in the mamonsu STATEMENTS plugin.

  • Upgraded pg_probackup to version 2.5.7, which provides the following new features and bugfixes:

    • Enabled output of logs in the JSON format by adding new logging options.

    • Added an option to explicitly specify the directory where the restore command should restore WAL records.

    • Changed the level of detail of logging some messages of pg_probackup commands to add user convenience to reading logs.

    • Fixed pg_probackup hanging that could occur when the ControlMaster option was specified in the SSH config file. Now the value of ControlMaster is explicitly set to no.

  • Upgraded pgpro_pwr to version 4.0.

  • Added the oracle_fdw package for Red OS Murom 7.3.

E.1.2. Migration to Version 14.5.1

If you are upgrading from Postgres Pro Standard based on the same PostgreSQL major version, it is enough to install the new version into your current installation directory.

To migrate from PostgreSQL or a Postgres Pro Standard release based on a previous PostgreSQL major version, see the instructions in Postgres Pro Standard 14.1.1 Release Notes.