E.5. Postgres Pro Standard 14.2.1

Release Date: 2022-02-28

E.5.1. Overview

This release is based on PostgreSQL 14.2 and Postgres Pro Standard 14.1.1. All improvements inherited from PostgreSQL 14.2 are listed in PostgreSQL 14.2 Release Notes. Other major changes and enhancements are as follows:

  • Increased the number of partitions of the shared buffer mapping hash table to 1024, which can improve performance on multi-core systems.

  • Implemented support of interval values by all time parameters (*_TIME) of CREATE PROFILE and ALTER PROFILE SQL commands.

  • Fixed the use of multi-column statistics by planner. Previously, when the optimizer estimated the query selectivity using multi-column statistics and the query conditions only included part of the columns involved, the cardinality could be considerably overestimated, so the created plan would be non-optimal.

  • Fixed the out-of-memory (OOM) killer settings in system startup files. Previously the OOM score adjustment value was set for all Postgres Pro processes rather than for postmaster only, so when Postgres Pro exhausted all RAM, the OOM killer could start killing irrelevant processes, such as sshd.

  • Added support for Rocky Linux 8.

  • Ended support for outdated operating systems Debian 8, Astra Linux Smolensk 1.5 and MSVSphere 6.3.

  • Fixed an issue in psql, which mistakenly treated the \du+ meta-command as invalid. \du+ lists database roles showing additional information about each role and is equivalent to the \dg+ meta-command, which was processed correctly.

  • Upgraded pg_probackup to version 2.5.5, which provides the following new features and bugfixes as compared to the previous included version 2.5.3:

    • Added the --checkunique option to the checkdb command to work together with --amcheck and verify unique constraints during logical verification of indexes when the amcheck extension is installed in the database and its version supports the verification of unique constraints. Check the amcheck documentation for whether this verification is supported.

    • Fixed an issue that could occur when the source database was not on the timeline 1 and the destination database did not fall behind: probackup sanity checks on catchup timeline history failed with the error Destination is not in source timeline history.

    • Fixed the behavior of catchup in DELTA and PTRACK modes. The fixed issue could occur when pg_probackup operated remotely via SSH and --destination-pgdata was the same as --source-pgdata, caused corruption of the source instance (at least the global/pg_control, global/pg_filenode.map and base/*/pg_filenode.map files got deleted) and resulted in the error Could not open file "/pgwal/test/global/pg_control" for reading: No such file or directory.

E.5.2. Migration to Version 14.2.1

If you are upgrading from Postgres Pro Standard based on the same PostgreSQL major version, it is enough to install the new version into your current installation directory.

To migrate from PostgreSQL or a Postgres Pro Standard release based on a previous PostgreSQL major version, see the instructions in Postgres Pro Standard 14.1.1 Release Notes.