Appendix K. Demo Database Airlines

This is an overview of a demo database for Postgres Pro. This appendix describes the database schema, which consists of eight tables and several views. The subject field of this database is airline flights in Russia. You can download the database from our website. See Section K.1 for details.

Figure K.1. Airlines in Russia

Airlines in Russia

You can use this database for various purposes, such as:

  • learning SQL language on your own

  • preparing books, manuals, and courses on SQL

  • showing Postgres Pro features in stories and articles

When developing this demo database, we pursued several goals:

  • Database schema must be simple enough to be understood without extra explanations.

  • At the same time, database schema must be complex enough to allow writing meaningful queries.

  • The database must contain true-to-life data that will be interesting to work with.

This demo database is distributed under the PostgreSQL license.

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