35.53. transforms

The view transforms contains information about the transforms defined in the current database. More precisely, it contains a row for each function contained in a transform (the from SQL or to SQL function).

Table 35.51. transforms Columns

NameData TypeDescription
udt_catalogsql_identifierName of the database that contains the type the transform is for (always the current database)
udt_schemasql_identifierName of the schema that contains the type the transform is for
udt_namesql_identifierName of the type the transform is for
specific_catalogsql_identifierName of the database containing the function (always the current database)
specific_schemasql_identifierName of the schema containing the function
specific_namesql_identifier The specific name of the function. See Section 35.40 for more information.
group_namesql_identifier The SQL standard allows defining transforms in groups, and selecting a group at run time. Postgres Pro does not support this. Instead, transforms are specific to a language. As a compromise, this field contains the language the transform is for.
transform_typecharacter_dataFROM SQL or TO SQL