J.1. Installation

The demo database is available at edu.postgrespro.ru in three flavors, which differ only in the data size:

  • demo-small.zip (21 MB) — flight data for one month (DB size is about 300 MB)

  • demo-medium.zip (62 MB) — flight data for three months (DB size is about 700 MB)

  • demo-big.zip (232 MB) — flight data for one year (DB size is about 2.5 GB)

The small database is good for writing queries, and it will not take up much disk space. The large database can help you understand the query behavior on large data volumes and consider query optimization.

The files include an SQL script that creates the demo database and fills it with data (virtually, it is a backup copy created with the pg_dump utility). Note that if the demo database already exists, it will be deleted and recreated! The owner of the demo database will be the DBMS user who run the script.