F.19. fulleq

The fulleq module provides additional equivalence operator for compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server.

This module is required for 1C Enterprise support.

F.19.1. Overview

The Postgres Pro equivalence operator is defined to return NULL when both operands are NULLs. However, the Microsoft SQL Servers family traditionally defines other semantic for equivalence operator, where operator returns TRUE in the case of both nulled operands. This module provides such operator with MS SQL semantic.

F.19.2. Operator fulleq

The == operator is defined for the following data types:

  • bool

  • bytea

  • char

  • name

  • int2

  • int4

  • int8

  • int2vector

  • text

  • oid

  • xid

  • cid

  • oidvector

  • float4

  • float8

  • abstime

  • reltime

  • macaddr

  • inet

  • cidr

  • varchar

  • date

  • time

  • timestamp

  • timestamptz

  • interval

  • timetz

F.19.3. Authors

      Teodor Sigaev