53.97. pg_user_mappings

The view pg_user_mappings provides access to information about user mappings. This is essentially a publicly readable view of pg_user_mapping that leaves out the options field if the user has no rights to use it.

Table 53.98. pg_user_mappings Columns

Column Type


umid oid (references pg_user_mapping.oid)

OID of the user mapping

srvid oid (references pg_foreign_server.oid)

The OID of the foreign server that contains this mapping

srvname name (references pg_foreign_server.srvname)

Name of the foreign server

umuser oid (references pg_authid.oid)

OID of the local role being mapped, 0 if the user mapping is public

usename name

Name of the local user to be mapped

umoptions text[]

User mapping specific options, as keyword=value strings

To protect password information stored as a user mapping option, the umoptions column will read as null unless one of the following applies:

  • current user is the user being mapped, and owns the server or holds USAGE privilege on it

  • current user is the server owner and mapping is for PUBLIC

  • current user is a superuser