pg_controldata — display control information of a Postgres Pro database cluster


pg_controldata [option] [[ -D | --pgdata ]datadir]


pg_controldata prints information initialized during initdb, such as the catalog version. It also shows information about write-ahead logging and checkpoint processing. This information is cluster-wide, and not specific to any one database.

This utility can only be run by the user who initialized the cluster because it requires read access to the data directory. You can specify the data directory on the command line, or use the environment variable PGDATA. This utility supports the options -V and --version, which print the pg_controldata version and exit. It also supports options -? and --help, which output the supported arguments.


It is recommended that you use pgpro_controldata instead since it can read control information of different versions of PostgreSQL or Postgres Pro database clusters, including newer versions.



Default data directory location


Specifies whether to use color in diagnostic messages. Possible values are always, auto and never.