Part VIII. Appendixes

Table of Contents

A. Postgres Pro Error Codes
B. Date/Time Support
B.1. Date/Time Input Interpretation
B.2. Handling of Invalid or Ambiguous Timestamps
B.3. Date/Time Key Words
B.4. Date/Time Configuration Files
B.5. History of Units
C. SQL Key Words
D. SQL Conformance
D.1. Supported Features
D.2. Unsupported Features
D.3. XML Limits and Conformance to SQL/XML
E. Release Notes
E.1. Postgres Pro Enterprise 11.8.1
E.2. Postgres Pro Enterprise 11.7.2
E.3. Postgres Pro Enterprise 11.7.1
E.4. Postgres Pro Enterprise 11.6.2
E.5. Postgres Pro Enterprise 11.6.1
E.6. Postgres Pro Enterprise 11.5.4
E.7. Postgres Pro Enterprise 11.5.3
E.8. Postgres Pro Enterprise 11.5.2
E.9. Postgres Pro Enterprise 11.5.1
E.10. Postgres Pro Enterprise 11.4.2
E.11. Postgres Pro Enterprise 11.4.1
E.12. Postgres Pro Enterprise 11.2.1
E.13. Release 11.8
E.14. Release 11.7
E.15. Release 11.6
E.16. Release 11.5
E.17. Release 11.4
E.18. Release 11.3
E.19. Release 11.2
E.20. Release 11.1
E.21. Release 11
E.22. Prior Releases
F. Additional Supplied Modules
F.1. adminpack
F.2. amcheck
F.3. aqo
F.4. auth_delay
F.5. auto_explain
F.6. bloom
F.7. btree_gin
F.8. btree_gist
F.9. citext
F.10. cube
F.11. dblink
F.12. dict_int
F.13. dict_xsyn
F.14. dump_stat
F.15. earthdistance
F.16. fasttrun
F.17. file_fdw
F.18. fulleq
F.19. fuzzystrmatch
F.20. hstore
F.21. Hunspell Dictionaries Modules
F.22. in_memory
F.23. intagg
F.24. intarray
F.25. isn
F.26. jsquery
F.27. lo
F.28. ltree
F.29. mchar
F.30. multimaster
F.31. online_analyze
F.32. pageinspect
F.33. passwordcheck
F.34. pg_buffercache
F.35. pgcrypto
F.36. pg_freespacemap
F.37. pg_hint_plan
F.38. pg_pathman
F.39. pg_prewarm
F.40. pgpro_scheduler
F.41. pg_query_state
F.42. pgrowlocks
F.43. pg_shardman
F.44. pg_stat_statements
F.45. pgstattuple
F.46. pg_transfer
F.47. pg_trgm
F.48. pg_tsparser
F.49. pg_variables
F.50. pg_visibility
F.51. pg_wait_sampling
F.52. plantuner
F.53. postgres_fdw
F.54. referee
F.55. rum
F.56. seg
F.57. shared_ispell
F.58. spi
F.59. sr_plan
F.60. sslinfo
F.61. tablefunc
F.62. tcn
F.63. test_decoding
F.64. tsm_system_rows
F.65. tsm_system_time
F.66. unaccent
F.67. uuid-ossp
F.68. vops
F.69. xml2
G. Additional Supplied Programs
G.1. Client Applications
G.2. Server Applications
H. External Projects
H.1. Client Interfaces
H.2. Administration Tools
H.3. Procedural Languages
H.4. Extensions
I. Configuring Postgres Pro for 1C Solutions
J. Demo Database Airlines
J.1. Installation
J.2. Schema Diagram
J.3. Schema Description
J.4. Schema Objects
J.5. Usage
K. Acronyms