2-Day Introduction to PostgreSQL 11

About the course

Duration: 2 days


  • fundamentals of databases and SQL
  • basic knowledge of Unix OS

Skills to be gained:

  • general idea of PostgreSQL architecture
  • basics of installation, configuring, and managing the server
  • physical and logical data layout
  • basic administration tasks
  • authentication and access control
  • overview of backups and replication

Student guide

When using the course for self-study, check out the Student’s Guide to learn how to set up the virtual machine and do practical assignments.


 Introductionslides  video
 Basic Toolkit    
1.Overview: Installation and Management, psqlslidesdemosolutionvideo
2.General Overviewslides  video
3.Isolation and Multiversion Concurrency Controlslidesdemosolutionvideo
4.Buffer Cache and Loggingslidesdemosolutionvideo
 Data Organization    
5.Logical Layoutslidesdemosolutionvideo
6.Physical Layoutslidesdemosolutionvideo
 Administration Tasks    
 Access Control    
9.Access Control Overviewslidesdemosolutionvideo
 Backup and Replication    
10.Backup and Restore Overviewslidesdemosolutionvideo
11.Replication Overviewslidesdemosolutionvideo


Video was recorded in February 2019 during pgDay Israel 2019 in Tel Aviv (playlist).

You can download all course materials in a single archive.