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Postgres Pro Standard 14.1.1 has been released!

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The release of Postgres Pro Standard 14.1.1 by the Postgres Professional team has become available on December 1, 2021. It contains all the innovations released with PostgreSQL 14  and all bug fixes from the upstream PostgreSQL 14.1. 

Several enhanced security mechanisms have been added to Postgres Pro Standard, including the following changes. The pg_proaudit extension has been added for detailed logging of various security events. Postgres Pro Standard 14.1.1 has also introduced advanced authentication policies that provide effective password management and access control (see the CREATE PROFILE and ALTER ROLE sections in the documentation).

The mamonsu monitoring utility has been upgraded to version 3.1.0 which supports PostgreSQL 14 and adds a new option for bootstrap. With this option, if dbname is not explicitly specified, its value will be automatically set to the database name defined in the [postgres] section of the mamonsu configuration file.

The pgpro_pwr module has been upgraded. The “Load distribution” section was added to the report which shows load distribution of different resources (for example, total time or shared blocks written) for heavily loaded objects, such as databases, applications, hosts, or users, in graphics, as stacked bar charts.

To take advantage of the new views and fields now available in Postgres Pro 14,  “Session statistics by database” and “WAL statistics” report tables were added to pgpro_pwr.

The  WAITLSN command, incompatible with the SQL standard, and outdated sr_plan extension have been removed from the Postgres Pro Standard 14.1.1  distribution.

Postgres Pro Standard can be used in the Microsoft Azure cloud at no charge (only Azure infrastructure fees apply). Postgres Pro Standard 14.1.1 is available as VM, Azure container and Docker container.

 Earlier in November 2021, minor releases of the existing Postgres Pro Standard versions were introduced, including  Std, Std 10.19.1, Std 11.14.1, Std 12.9.1 and Std 13.5.1. Postgres Pro Standard is the last minor release for 9.6 version, so its users should consider upgrading to newer versions of this product.

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