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PGConf.Online 2021 wrap-up: 57 talks, 30 international speakers, 2000+ registrants!

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PGConf.Online wrapped up 10 days ago, and we want to share some important stats with you. We were glad to have welcomed 2000+ registrants this year with 700-900 of them joining us online each day! The total attendance/registration rate for all three days was near 75%, which is amazing!

Top 3 Speakers

We congratulate the best speakers according to the audience’s ratings:

However, we would also like to give yet another round of applause to ALL PGConf.Online speakers, this event would have never become possible without your great talks! 

International Speakers

It was fantastic to have 30 international speakers at the event, this is where online format helped us go beyond borders & timezones. We hope to welcome all the speakers at the next editions of our conferences!

Conference Materials

We expect to make all our conference videos available online within the next 2-3 weeks. The presentations given in Russian will also be published with English translations.

Thanks to Sponsors

We were happy to have delivered our conference experience to the comfort of your homes.

Our team is also extremely grateful to sponsors who helped us fund & improve PGConf.Online for you:

Our Gold Partners



Our Partners



FORS Training Center

We hope to see many of you in person at PGConfs later this year!

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