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Postgres Professional at FOSDEM 2021

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It’s this time of the year again, and FOSDEM is coming! In 2021, Postgres Professional is really well-represented in the PostgreSQL devroom, as we have 5 talks accepted by the Committee. Let’s take a look at all presentations to be given by our team at this conference.


First, familiarize yourself with our team’s FOSDEM PostgreSQL devroom talks at a glance:


  • Adaptive Query Optimization in PostgreSQL: approaches and challenges
  • Performance improvements and new use scenarios for SPGiST access method
  • Speed up the JSONB. What we can do to improve performance
  • Getting on a hook or PostgreSQL extensibility
  • PostgreSQL partitioning. Work In Progress


Now, let’s consider all the above-mentioned talks by Postgres Professional in more detail.


On Saturday, February 6, Oleg Ivanov & Yerzhaisang Taskali will give a talk on Adaptive Query Optimization starting at 3 PM CET. Prior to his current employment at Samsung AI Center, Oleg used to work at Postgres Professional where he came up with the ML-based technique for AQO, which is now a part of our company’s Postgres Pro Enterprise DBMS. Yerzhaisang Taskali works on AQO at Postgres Professional and studies Data Science at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. Together they will present novel neural network-based AQO for PostgreSQL which can potentially overcome the limitations of the kNN machine learning method. Some experimental results will also be demonstrated to the public.


After Oleg & Yerzhaisang are done with their talk, Pavel Borisov will discuss his very recent contributions to SPGiST in his presentation entitled “Performance improvements and new use scenarios for SPGiST access method”. It will start at 3:30 PM CET. This talk will be of interest to all those who work with spatial data in PostgreSQL. Pavel will explain how to run index-only scans for multicolumn queries faster thanks to the inclusion of non-key columns in a single key-column index.


On Sunday, February 7, Oleg Bartunov and Nikita Glukhov will introduce more PostgreSQL JSONB innovations. Attending their Speed up the JSONB. What we can do to improve performance” talk can be insightful for those who use PostgreSQL for storing semi-structured data, especially relatively short metadata and big BLOBs. The presentation will start at 10:30 AM CET, everyone seeking to learn more about NoSQL capabilities in Postgres is very welcome to join Oleg & Nikita.


Just one hour later, at 11:30 AM CET, Alexey Kondratov will be covering PostgreSQL hooks, revealing what is not fully documented yet very useful. All external, non-core developers willing to peek right into the PostgreSQL core using hooks are surely invited to attend this presentation. Alexey will also share a number of real-world use cases for Postgres hooks, so if you want to implement something similar, prepare some questions for him.


Finally, Anastasia Lubennikova will talk about Postgres partitioning: work in progress at 2 PM CET. Many of you know, that PostgreSQL 13 introduced partition-wise join improvements and logical replication for partitioned tables. However, this discussion will go beyond features that are already implemented. Anastasia will also tackle what is being developed and needs feedback and upvotes from the PostgreSQL community.


Speaking about community, Postgres Professional also has a talk accepted in the FOSDEM Community devroom. At 16:50 CET Anastasia Raspopina (Sr. Community Manager, Postgres Professional) and Martina Pocchiari (Ph.D. candidate, Erasmus University) will be talking about Switching open source communities the right way. The discussion will cover moving to another OSS ecosystem and related issues of trust, networking and knowledge gaps. Join Stacy & Martina if you need to acclimate to a new open source community.


Happy FOSDEMing everyone!

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