| Postgres Pro Standard 13.1.1 Now Available

Postgres Pro Standard 13.1.1 was released by the Postgres Professional team on December 18, 2020. This release is based on the corresponding version of the upstream PostgreSQL DBMS and includes a number of enhancements listed below:


  • Postgres Pro Standard 13.1.1 comes with the new pgpro_pwr extension for advanced workload reports that help identify the database operations that require and consume maximum resources.


  • A new version of pgpro_stats, another PostgreSQL extension developed by Postgres Professional, is also included in the Postgres Pro Standard 13.1.1 release. This extension is intended for getting statistics on wait events and SQL operators’ execution.


This release of Postgres Pro DBMS is the first one based on PostgreSQL 13. It includes all its features and enhancements along with all bugfixes made in PostgreSQL 13.1. The employees of Postgres Professional contributed 6 bugfix-related patches to PostgreSQL 13.1 and remedies for vulnerabilities CVE-2020-25694, CVE-2020-25695, and CVE-2020-25696.


For a full list of enhancements available in Postgres Pro Standard 13.1.1, please refer to the release notes document. Please also note that Postgres Pro Standard 13.1.1 is available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace at no additional charge (you will only pay for Azure infrastructure costs).

About Postgres Pro Standard. The Postgres Pro Standard DBMS contains the most current build of the upstream PostgreSQL combined with patches and extensions developed by the Postgres Professional and the global PostgreSQL community.