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From Alvaro Herrera
Subject Re: pg_locks needs a facelift
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On Mon, May 02, 2005 at 04:34:50PM -0400, Merlin Moncure wrote:

> Yep.  Actually, the biggest part of this was figuring out what to do
> about the pg_locks view.  Since that's basically decided, all that
> remains is to decide what if anything to do about the
> max_locks_per_transaction GUC variable.  User locks at the very least
> are extra-transactional so this could perhaps be renamed.  This could
> possibly hinge on how Alvaro's 'spill to disk' scenario plays out.

Oh, I don't plan to work on locking issues anymore for now.  Basically I
wanted spill to disk only to serve the tuple locking, but since we solve
that in a different way, I pretty much abandoned that idea.

Alvaro Herrera (<alvherre[@]>)
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