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On þri, 2007-03-27 at 16:13 +0530, Gauri Kanekar wrote:
> SELECT AS sid, AS sname, AS campid, AS
> campname, rc.rev_type AS revtype, rc.act_type AS actntype, AS
> advid, AS advname, AS chanid, AS
> channame, rpt_cre.dn AS dn, SUM(rm.imdel) AS impression, SUM(rm.cdel)
> AS click, rd.sqldate AS date FROM rm, rn CROSS JOIN rd, ra, rs, rc,
> rpt_chn, rpt_cre WHERE rm.date_key = rd.key AND rm.net_key = rn.key
> AND rm.adv_key = ra.key AND rm.camp_key = rc.key AND rm.s_key = rs.key
> AND rm.chn_key = rpt_chn.key AND rm.cre_key = rpt_cre.key AND
> != 'SYSTEM' AND rd.sqldate BETWEEN '12/1/2006' AND
> '12/30/2006' AND ( IN ( 607 ) ) GROUP BY rd.sqldate ,,
>,,,,, rc.rev_type , rc.act_type,
>,, rpt_cre.dn;

you did not answer other questions, so do this:
1) VACUUM ANALYZE your database
2) set these in your postgresql.conf:
enable_seqscan = true
join_collapse_limit = 8
3) restart postgresql
4) do the EXPLAIN ANALYZE again, and send us it's output


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