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From: Hannu Krosing
Subject: Re: [HACKERS] 8.2 feature set
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Ühel kenal päeval, K, 2006-08-02 kell 15:08, kirjutas Josh Berkus:
> Bruce,
> > I am thinking we will portray 8.2 as a release focused on usability
> > improvements.  We do have a few large features, like perhaps bit-mapped
> > indexes, but in general, the release has a lot of additions that make
> > things easier to use, rather than adding new features or performance.
> This is a discussion for -Advocacy, so I'm crossing it over.

I dont think that everybody concerned is on -advocacy (for example I am
not). I think that people on -hackers may still have some insight on
what actually is significant/important.

> If you reply to this, please do NOT cc -hackers.  Thanks.

I suspect that there has not been too much discussion on -advocacy about
each new feature theat

Sorry for cc-ing to hackers ;)

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