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From Hannu Krosing
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On N, 2005-04-28 at 20:13 -0700, Josh Berkus wrote:
> Hannu,
> > But I too expected the discussion to take place on pgsql-hackers, not
> > some half-hidden mailinglist on pgfoundry. Or at least an announcement
> > of that mailinglist to be made on pgsql-hachers.
> Yeah, we should announce the mailing list.  Actually, I did direct e-mail a 
> bunch of people (including you) about it and invite them to the mailing list.

Probably this got lost somewhere on the way.

> For discussing potential features, though, I'm personally reluctant at this 
> point to discuss major features until I and my collaborators (example, 
> newsysviews) have a concrete proposal together. It's far too easy to get 
> sidetracked into a discussion of minutia and politics on -hackers; by 
> generating a complete draft spec (at least) on a small mailing list, it's a 
> lot easier to focus on specific goals and schedules, and discussions on 
> hackers around detailed proposals tend to be a lot more focused.

Maybe :) , still not convinced though. There may be some quite
fundamental things we may miss but which could be spotted by wider
audience early on.

Hannu Krosing <>

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