From: Marcin Mańk
Subject: Re: VACUUM FULL hangs
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In response to: VACUUM FULL hangs  (Marcin Mańk)
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> I'm a bit puzzled as to how you managed to get so much free space at the
> start of the table. Did the replication work on the second try?

It actually worked on third try, I guess.

> OK, so you might well be getting the vacuum writing one page, then WAL,
> then vacuum, etc. That will mean the disk spends most of its time
> seeking back and fore. How many disks do you have, and is the WAL on a
> separate set of disks?

It is 2 spindles software RAID1 . Till now there were no performance
problems with this machine that would mandate trying anything more fancy,
this machine is low traffic.

Marcin Mańk

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