distinct doesn't work

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Subject: distinct doesn't work
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I am doing this:


SELECT distinct cc.trader_id, t.credit_card_number, t.expiry_date, t.name_on_card, sum(to_number(cc.debit_credit,'999999.99')),cc.approval_number, t.business_name  FROM credit_card_history AS cc INNER JOIN traders AS t USING (trader_id) GROUP by cc.trader_id, t.credit_card_number, t.expiry_date, t.name_on_card, cc.approval_number, t.business_name having sum(to_number(cc.debit_credit,'999999.99')) != 0


And I expect to get one line as I only have I trader-id in my table(s) but I get this:


1493 4321442143314432 09/09 two duck -200  2 Duck Trading Company

1493 4321442143314432 09/09 two duck 200 5678 2 Duck Trading Company


In fact I don’t actually expect to get any response as the sum should have summed to zero.


Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?


Stephen Choularton

0413 545 182

02 9999 2226


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