E.19. Postgres Pro

Release date: 2016-08-16

E.19.1. Overview

This release is based on PostgreSQL 9.5.4

Major enhancements over Postgres Pro include:

  • The distance semantic of the FTS phrase operator has been changed: less-or-equal replaced by exact match (For details see: Section 12.1.2).

  • The precedence of the phrase operator has been changed. The operator <-> has now higher precedence than & (AND) operator.

On Microsoft Windows systems:

  • The WinEditLine library is integrated to implement autocomplete in psql console. The psql default encoding is changed to UTF-8.

E.19.2. Migration to Version

A dump/restore is not required for those running

However, if you are upgrading from a version earlier than or vanilla PostgreSQL 9.5.x, some catalog changes should be applied.

If you use binary packages, and your database is in the default location, this upgrade should be performed automatically. If you've compiled Postgres Pro from source or create your database in non-default location, running initdb manually, you should run pgpro_upgrade script provided in this distribution.

Before running script, you should stop postgres service. Script should be run as user, owning the database (typically postgres) and PGDATA environment variable should be set to the directory where database resides.

E.19.3. Potential problems

PL/Perl extension loading may not work on Microsoft Windows.