Basic Server-Side Application Development for PostgreSQL 12

About the course

Duration: 4 days


  1. SQL fundamentals
  2. experience with any procedural programming language
  3. basic knowledge of Unix OS

Skills to be gained:

  • general information about PostgreSQL architecture
  • working with the main database objects: tables, indexes, views
  • programming in SQL and PL/pgSQL on the server side
  • using the main data types, including records and arrays
  • setting up client-server communication

Student guide

When using the course for self-study, check out the Student’s Guide to learn how to set up the virtual machine and do practical assignments.


 Introductioncourse materials 
 Basic tools  
1.Installation and management; psqlcourse materials 
2.A general overview of PostgreSQLcourse materials 
3.Isolation and MVCCcourse materials 
4.Buffer cache and WALcourse materials 
 Data organization  
5.Logical structurecourse materials 
6.Physical structurecourse materials 
 Bookstore application  
7.Application schema and interfacecourse materials 
8.Functionscourse materials 
9.Procedurescourse materials 
10.Composite typescourse materials 
11.Overview and programming structurescourse materials 
12.Executing queriescourse materials 
13.Cursorscourse materials 
14.Dynamic commandscourse materials 
15.Arrayscourse materials 
16.Error handlingcourse materials 
17.Triggerscourse materials 
18.Debuggingcourse materials 
 Access control  
19.Access control overviewcourse materials 
20.Logical backupcourse materials 


You can download all course materials in a single archive.