Basic PostgreSQL 13 Administration

About the course

Duration: 3 days


  1. minimal familiarity with databases and SQL
  2. Unix familiarity

Competences to be acquired:

  • general information about the PostgreSQL architecture
  • installation, basic configuration, server management
  • data organization at logical and physical levels
  • basic administration tasks
  • user and access management
  • understanding backup and replication

Student guide

When using the course for self-study, check out the Student’s Guide to learn how to set up the virtual machine and do practical assignments.


 Introductioncourse materials 
 Basic tools  
1.Server installation and managementcourse materials 
2.Using psqlcourse materials 
3.Server configurationcourse materials 
4.PostgreSQL overviewcourse materials 
5.Isolation and MVCCcourse materials 
6.Vacuumingcourse materials 
7.Buffer cache and WALcourse materials 
 Data organization  
8.Databases and schemascourse materials 
9.System catalogcourse materials 
10.Tablespacescourse materials 
11.Low levelcourse materials 
12.Monitoringcourse materials 
 Access control  
13.Roles and attributescourse materials 
14.Privilegescourse materials 
15.Row level securitycourse materials 
16.Connection and authenticationcourse materials 
17.Overviewcourse materials 
18.Overviewcourse materials 


You can download all course materials in a single archive.