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July 28, 2021   •   PostgreSQL
To remind you, we've already talked about relation-level locks , row-level locks , locks on other objects (including predicate locks) and interrelationships of different types of locks. The following discussion of locks in RAM finishes this series of articles. We will consider spinlocks, lightweight locks and buffer pins, as well as events monitoring tools and sampling. ...
July 15, 2021   •   PostgreSQL
We've already discussed some object-level locks (specifically, relation-level locks), as well as row-level locks with their connection to object-level locks and also explored wait queues, which are not always fair. We have a hodgepodge this time. We'll start with deadlocks (actually, I planned to discuss them last time, but that article was excessively long in itself), then briefly review object-level locks left and finally discuss predicate locks .
July 1, 2021   •   PostgreSQL
Last time, we discussed object-level locks and in particular relation-level locks. In this article, we will see how row-level locks are organized in PostgreSQL and how they are used together with object-level locks. We will also talk of wait queues and of those who jumps the queue.
June 17, 2021   •   PostgreSQL
The previous two series of articles covered isolation and multiversion concurrency control and logging . In this series, we will discuss locks . This series will consist of four articles: Relation-level locks (this article). Row-level locks. Locks on other objects and predicate locks. Locks in RAM.