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Indexes in PostgreSQL — 8 (RUM)

Although the authors claim that gin is a powerful genie, the theme of drinks has eventually won: next-generation GIN has been called RUM.

Indexes in PostgreSQL — 7 (GIN)

Gin stands for Generalized Inverted Index and should be considered as a genie, not a drink.

Indexes in PostgreSQL — 6 (SP-GiST)

SP-GiST is suitable for structures where the space can be recursively split into non-intersecting areas. This class comprises quadtrees, k-dimensional trees (k-D trees), and radix trees.

Indexes in PostgreSQL — 5 (GiST)

GiST is an abbreviation of «generalized search tree». This is a balanced search tree, just like «b-tree» discussed earlier.