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Warsaw PgConf.EU 2017 has finished

Postgres Professional delegates are back from PgConf.EU 2017 - the annual European PostgreSQL conference, which took place in Warsaw on October 24-27.

Galy Lee at PgConf2016 Russia presented a talk «Growing acceptance of PostgreSQL in China» - Video

This talk gave an overview about the Postgres adoption in 2015 in China.

Bruce Momjian at PgConf2016 Russia with talk «Postgres Going in Multiple Directions» - Video

This talk covers the top ten new features that appeared in the Postgres 9.5 release. It covers some of the major focuses for post-9.5 releases.


pgDay Israel, the 3d International Conference

pgDay Israel is a non-profit event hosted and run by the PostgreSQL Israel Community.

PGConf.Russia 2018

Russian PostgreSQL International Conference

PGConf.Europe 2017, Warsaw, Poland

PostgreSQL Conference Europe is by far the largest PostgreSQL conference in Europe.