Planner choosing NestedLoop, although it is slower...

From: Mario Splivalo
Subject: Planner choosing NestedLoop, although it is slower...
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Hi, all.

I have a query, looking like this:
    INNER JOIN tubesite_image
        ON tubesite_image.object_ptr_id =
    tubesite_object.site_id = 8
    AND tubesite_object.pub_date < E'2011-07-12 13:25:00'
    tubesite_object.pub_date ASC

That query takes cca 10-15 seconds to run. Here is query plan:

  Limit  (cost=0.00..415.91 rows=21 width=8) (actual
time=11263.089..11263.089 rows=0 loops=1)
    ->  Nested Loop  (cost=0.00..186249.55 rows=9404 width=8) (actual
time=11263.087..11263.087 rows=0 loops=1)
          ->  Index Scan using tubesite_object_pub_date_idx on
tubesite_object  (cost=0.00..183007.09 rows=9404 width=12) (actual
time=0.024..11059.487 rows=9374 loops=1)
                Index Cond: (pub_date < '2011-07-12
13:25:00-05'::timestamp with time zone)
                Filter: (site_id = 8)
          ->  Index Scan using tubesite_image_pkey on tubesite_image
(cost=0.00..0.33 rows=1 width=4) (actual time=0.021..0.021 rows=0
                Index Cond: (tubesite_image.object_ptr_id =
  Total runtime: 11263.141 ms

This query runs quickly (around second or two) when there is only few
connections to the database. Once I have 50-80 connections (200 is the
limit, although I never have more than 120-150 connections), that query
takes around 10-15 seconds.

But, if I disable nestedloops, here is the query plan:

  Limit  (cost=22683.45..22683.51 rows=21 width=8) (actual
time=136.009..136.009 rows=0 loops=1)
    ->  Sort  (cost=22683.45..22706.96 rows=9404 width=8) (actual
time=136.007..136.007 rows=0 loops=1)
          Sort Key: tubesite_object.pub_date
          Sort Method:  quicksort  Memory: 25kB
          ->  Hash Join  (cost=946.51..22429.91 rows=9404 width=8)
(actual time=135.934..135.934 rows=0 loops=1)
                Hash Cond: ( =
                ->  Bitmap Heap Scan on tubesite_object
(cost=545.40..21828.97 rows=9404 width=12) (actual time=20.874..104.075
rows=9374 loops=1)
                      Recheck Cond: (site_id = 8)
                      Filter: (pub_date < '2011-07-12
13:25:00-05'::timestamp with time zone)
                      ->  Bitmap Index Scan on tubesite_object_site_id
(cost=0.00..543.05 rows=9404 width=0) (actual time=18.789..18.789
rows=9374 loops=1)
                            Index Cond: (site_id = 8)
                ->  Hash  (cost=215.49..215.49 rows=14849 width=4)
(actual time=21.068..21.068 rows=14849 loops=1)
                      ->  Seq Scan on tubesite_image  (cost=0.00..215.49
rows=14849 width=4) (actual time=0.029..9.073 rows=14849 loops=1)
  Total runtime: 136.287 ms

Now, if I disable nested loops in postgres.conf, then my load average on
the server goes skyhigh (i presume because a lot of other queries are
now being planned incorrectly).

I have set up default_statistics_target to 2000, and have vacumed and
analyzed the database.

Here are the other options I have set up in postgresql.conf (that differ
from the default settings):

  version                     | PostgreSQL 8.4.8 on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu,
compiled by GCC gcc-4.3.real (Debian 4.3.2-1.1) 4.3.2, 64-bit
  checkpoint_segments         | 64
  default_statistics_target   | 2000
  effective_cache_size        | 20GB
  external_pid_file           | /var/run/postgresql/
  lc_collate                  | en_US.UTF-8
  lc_ctype                    | en_US.UTF-8
  listen_addresses            | *
  log_autovacuum_min_duration | 0
  log_checkpoints             | on
  log_line_prefix             | %t [%p]: [%l-1]
  log_min_duration_statement  | 1s
  maintenance_work_mem        | 256MB
  max_connections             | 200
  max_stack_depth             | 3MB
  port                        | 5432
  server_encoding             | UTF8
  shared_buffers              | 2GB
  statement_timeout           | 30min
  temp_buffers                | 4096
  TimeZone                    | localtime
  track_activity_query_size   | 2048
  unix_socket_directory       | /var/run/postgresql
  wal_buffers                 | 128MB
  work_mem                    | 64MB

Why is planner using NestedLoops, that is, what can I do to make him NOT
to use NestedLoops (other than issuing SET enable_nestloop TO false;
before each query) ?


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