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From: Thierry Missimilly
Subject: Re: pg_restore taking 4 hours!
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Rodrigo Carvalhaes a écrit :

> Hi!
> I am using PostgreSQL with a proprietary ERP software in Brazil. The
> database have around 1.600 tables (each one with +/- 50 columns).
> My problem now is the time that takes to restore a dump. My customer
> database have arount 500mb (on the disk, not the dump file) and I am
> making the dump with pg_dump -Fc, my dumped file have 30mb. To make
> the dump, it's taking +/- 1,5 hours BUT to restore (using pg_restore )
> it it takes 4 - 5 hours!!!

I have notice that fac and one way to improve the restore prefomances,
is to avoid build indexes and checking the foreign key in the same step
than the restore.
So, as it is not possible to disable indexes and Foreign key, you have
to drop them and recreate them once the restore step has finished. To do
that you should have a script to recreate the indexes and the Foreign
Key afterward.

> Our machine it's a Dell Server Power Edge 1600sc (Xeon 2,4Ghz, with
> 1GB memory, 7200 RPM disk). I don't think that there is a machine
> problem because it's a server dedicated for the database and the cpu
> utilization during the restore is around 30%.
> Looking on the lists arquives I found some messages about this and Tom
> Lane was saying that then you have a lot of convertions the dump can
> delay too much. 90% of the columns on my database are char columns and
> I don't have large objects on the database. The restore is delaying
> too much because the conversion of the char columns ? How can I have a
> better performance on this restore?
> I need to find a solution for this because I am convincing customers
> that are using SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle to change to PostgreSQL but
> this customers have databases of 5GB!!! I am thinking that even with a
> better server, the restore will take 2 days!
> My data:
> Conectiva Linux 10 , Kernel 2.6.8
> PostgreSQL 7.4.6.
> postgresql.conf modified parameters (the other parameters are the
> default)
> tcpip_socket = true
> max_connections = 30
> shared_buffers = 30000
> sort_mem = 4096 vacuum_mem = 8192
> max_fsm_pages = 20000
> max_fsm_relations = 1000
> Regards,
> Rodrigo Carvalhaes
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