Re: high concurrent-user case studies?

From: Andrew Sullivan
Subject: Re: high concurrent-user case studies?
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On Tue, Nov 13, 2007 at 09:58:29AM -0500, Ned Lilly wrote:
> I've been through the case studies on the website, but haven't found quite
> what I'm looking for.  Is there anything I can point to online that
> documents large numbers of concurrent users in a Postgres-powered
> application?

Define both "high" and "Postgres-powered".  Afilias's registries have always
run Postgres, and we've had for some time now hundreds of registrars, each
of whom have at least 5 connections (== 5 login sessions) at a time.  So
those systems frequently have thousands of concurrent users in one sense.

The whois servers also are backed by PostgreSQL, but they're of course
all-read activity.  Nevertheless, they're wide open to the Internet, so we
have had very large numbers of simultaneous connections sometimes.

Supporting data is included in various bid materials that have been
submitted to ICANN for delegations of (among others) .org, .net, and .mobi.
Those materials are archived on the ICANN site, and therefore accessible by
anyone on the Internet.


Andrew Sullivan
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