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From Bruce Momjian
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In response to Unicode problems on IRC  (Christopher Kings-Lynne)
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Christopher Kings-Lynne wrote:
> Hey guys,
> The 'Unicode characters above 0x10000' issue keeps rearing its ugly head 
> in the IRC channel.  I propose that it be fixed, even backported...
> This is John Hansen's most recent patch to fix it:
> And from what I can tell it was committed, then reverted because it 
> wasn't a "bug".  It was going to go in for 8.1.
> We on the channel are starting to think that it is in fact a bug.  There 
> are are people with legitimately utf-8 encoded XML documents that they 
> cannot store in PostgreSQL.  Apparently in the distant past, Unicode was 
> limited to 0x10000, but then was extended.
> Perhaps we can reopen this case...

Uh, I thought we fixed this another way, buy not using Unicode-aware
functions for upper/lower/initcap when the locale is "C" or "POSIX". 
That is backpatched to 8.0.X.  Does that not fix the problem reported?

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